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Kennebunk River Boating Activities

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Gray Lincoln

Kennebunk River Boating Activities

In one of our previous posts, we gave some tips on fishing the Kennebunk River. We understand that fishing might not be for everyone, so here are a few suggestions for other watersports that you can enjoy with the entire family.

Depending on the ages of your crew and their experience level on the water, there are a variety of watersports they can choose from. From tubing and kneeboarding for beginners and intermediates, to wakeboarding and skurfing for those with a more advanced skillset, there is plenty to choose from.

Tubing and Kneeboarding:

Tubing and kneeboarding can be fun for everyone, regardless of age. Technology has come a long way making it easier to accomodate riders of all skill levels. Tubes come equipped with multiple handles making it easy to hold on, and some tubes can handle up to three riders at once! While it's probably best to start off slow with the kids, we still find plenty of enjoyment getting whipped outside the wake at high speeds with our friends behind the wheel.

Kneeboarding is fairly user-friendly, although it might take a few tries to get the hang of it. It requires a deep-water start where you start lying down and work your way up to your knees as the board gets on plane. Once a rider is up, you can strap in allowing you to control the board more easily and pull off tricks. 


Wakeboarding and Skurfing: 

Wakeboarding and skurfing take more skill to master. Both involve a deep-water start and will likely take a few attempts to get up for the first time. Wakeboarding requires a fast start to get the board on plane quickly, whereas skurfing entails a more gradual takeoff to let the rider get up. For both of these watersports, having a boat that produces a large wake is preferrable. 


We recommend trying these watersports out in front of Gooches beach where it is more protected than the open ocean. This will give your riders a smoother ride, but also make sure that you are close to shore if there were any emergencies. Always make sure you have at least one spotter on board, and enough life jackets to go around. Most importantly, have fun with family friends!

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