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Boat Washing on the Kennebunk River

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 14, 2015 3:09:00 PM / by Gray Lincoln

Gray Lincoln

Introduction to Boat Washing:

While there is not a designated boat wash on the Kennebunk River, there are several steps you can take to manage your boat on your own. In this post we will give a few step-by-step pointers to follow on a regular basis. 



A few basic boat wash tools can go a long way. Some of the essentials include: a freshwater hose with a good nozzle, telescoping deck brush with medium and soft heads, large plastic bucket, boat soap, and a chamois and/or microfiber towel. 

Getting Started:

First you will want to spray down your entire boat to remove any salt buildup. Take care not to soak any interior carpeting or sensistive electronics around the helm. Fill your bucket with water and add the appropriate amount of soap.

Getting down to business: 

Once your soap is ready to go, you will want to choose the appropriate brush. For more sensitive top-coats use a soft bristle brush head. If you are focusing on non-skid surfaces, a medium bristle brush will do a better job of removing dirt. 

Aim High:

Start working on the top deck, or the T-Top. This will ensure that any dirt from these areas falls onto the deck surface, which can be treated afterwards. Depending on the boat style, it also makes sense to start at the bow and work your way back since most boats drain through the stern. Focus on washing a small area and rinse thoroughly to prevent soap and dirt from drying. 

Hit the Waterline:

Now that you've gotten the topside taken care of, don't forget to give the waterline some attention. The Kennebunk River can leave the waterline looking grimy, especially after storms. Use your medium bristle brush to scrub the waterlines on both sides of the hull, along with the stern. Once finished, make sure to thoroughly rinse your brush!

Wrapping Up

To prevent black streaks, you will want to dry all of your surfaces. This is best accomplished by using a chamois or a microfiber cloth. Not only will these remove water spots and black streaks, but will also leave an extra shine to your surfaces.



While boat washing can be tedious, regular attention makes it much more manageable. For additional tips, check out our blog post Two Steps to Becoming a Boat Detailing Pro.

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