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Two Steps to Becoming a Boat Detailing Pro

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 9, 2015 9:48:00 PM / by Gray Lincoln

Gray Lincoln

In this blog post, you'll learn a few tips and tricks to keep your favorite toys looking fresh. While boat detailing can be tedious and time consuming, a few routine steps can extend the time between detailing appointments. 

1) Always Rinse with Fresh Water!

The salt-water environment is one of the toughest in the world. If salt is allowed to build up, critical components can begin to corrode and surfaces will become dirty. Spending an extra 5-10 minutes at the dock spraying down all of your surfaces will not only help to prevent corrosion, but will also minimize dirt build-up.



2) Wipe Down with a Chamois!

Investing in a high-quality chamois is crucial to keeping your boat looking clean. Not only will a chamois wipe-down prevent water marks on glass surfaces, but will also minimize streaking. At Kennebunkport Boat Detailing, we exclusively use The Absorber, which is a great alternative to a traditional leather chamois. It only takes a few extra minutes, and is highly effective. 


By following these two easy steps you can help to protect your investment and make sure you're the talk of the dock! You can learn more about Kennebunkport Boat Detailing here.




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